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Planning a Wedding is a complex, time consuming and expensive task. Now it is time to put it all together and make it a FUN night.

Well you are in luck, I am here to help you create a fun evening, make sure you are not made a fool of and help you start your marriage full of positive memories.

I do. But it was not always the case and I learnt the hard way. Here is my story:

10562601_10152613935189806_623853165501380321_oI count my first official Dj performance as a school dance back in 2001. During those earlier years I worked for a number of different Dj businesses just cruising along having fun. But in 2005 everything came to a screeching halt. I discovered just how many Dj performers (including myself) and business owners didn’t care about what they did or the Brides and Grooms they worked with.

The tipping point was being sent to a wedding by my employer only to be told by THE BRIDE 5 minutes before the wedding started that I was to MC as well. The short story is the Bride and Groom were really upset, the night was ruined, they requested their money back and the business owner just shrugged it off.

Their celebration, the new chapter in their life started with dark feelings and the business owner didn’t see that. So I quit. Not just that job but DJing all together. I hung up the headphones. The problem was that I loved being a DJ and being a part people’s wedding celebrations.

So after 6 long weeks I could not live without being a part of people’s wedding day and started being a Brisbane Wedding DJ again. But this time it was going to be different, there was going to be a purpose and direction behind it all. So DJ Davis Weddings (formerly DJ Davis Productions) was created. I went on a mission to seek out the Wedding DJs and MCs from around the world that were running their business and performing differently.

After many years, 4 trips to the USA, hours of coaching and training and reading more books about Weddings than any guy should. I had the breakthrough, it was when my mentor Mark Ferrell said, “It’s about T.L.C; Talent, Love and Caring.”

Develop and utilise your


A wedding is all about


perform from a place of


With that things really changed, I started achieving amazing results with my Brides and Grooms. Clients who before the wedding said ‘lets get to the cake cutting quickly, so grandma can leave’ were ending their Wedding hugging their smiling grandma as they walked out the door at midnight. Clients who invite me to dinner and send postcards of their newborn. Clients who call me to say thanks as they board their honeymoon flight the next morning.